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General Practice, Psychotherapy ,Podologist and Physiotherapists

 We are doctors , and physiotherapists, and a health team to take care of you, at home or at the surgery.

With specialisation in family practice.
It means that we can provide care for all of you, babies, adults and seniors. At the surgery or on housecall.

We also do :  

  • Check-ups,

  • Vaccination (childhood, trips, ... )

  • Follow-up for babies, 

  • High bloodpressure treatment and follow-up, diabetes, ... 

  • Bloodsamples,

  • treatment for warts,

  • Pap smear, contraception, IST check

  • Surgery (suture),

  • Palliative care ...

  • General Physiotherapy, Muscle Chains, 

  • Pedicure

  • Podology

  • Psychotherapy 

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